Reusable Bamboo Sanitary Pads
Reusable Bamboo Sanitary Pads
Reusable Bamboo Sanitary Pads

Rose Merrie

Reusable Bamboo Sanitary Pads

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  • 3 x Daytime (M) Pads
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  • 1 x Free mini wetbag
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The Most Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Disposable Pads


Our Bamboo Sanitary Pads are comfortable, easily washable, good for the environment, and will save you the cost of purchasing disposable pads!

They feature a unique three part construction which pulls moisture away from the skin and into the absorbent layers beneath the bamboo, leaving you feeling dry and allowing your skin to breathe.

Our value pack is the perfect starter pack to get started using reusable menstrual pads, see our size guide for more info on the sizes included.




Make the switch


✅ Say goodbye to irritation, chafing and adhesive strips

✅ Feel dryer for longer and change your pads less often

✅ No embarrasing smells with bamboo charcoal anti bacterial fibre

✅ Sleep leak FREE, confident and comfortably



While You're Out Of The House




Fold the pad over itself and snap it shut with the buttons, you can choose to rinse before or not (depending on your location/circumstances) and insert into the wet bag. Folding the pads this way and also using our wet bag will ENSURE there are no leaks or smells.

Once you are home you can then rinse your pads as normal, see "wash" tab for further instructions.







Bamboo Charcoal - The bamboo is broken down to its fibre form, charcoal is then infused and woven into the bamboo fibres to create the ultimate odour absorbing blend. Bamboo can be recycled.

Micro Fibre - Our micro fibre is made from RPET, a material that is made from recycled plastic bottles and is becoming extremely popular due to is many uses. This material can also be recycled.

PUL Waterproof Print - This is our 100% waterproof backing for the pads, if pads do become full this will ensure there are no embarrassing leaks or spills. This is the only material that will need to go to garbage after her lifetime (4+years later)




Some Scary Statistics



Is the number of sanitary products we use that are made from plastic


The number of disposable sanitary products we EACH use in our lifetime






"Together, we can create a better world where girls and women of all ages believe periods are powerful, NOT shameful"



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